Food is very essential to life, the reason the food sector continues to thrive even in a pandemic. Fashion Appraisal sought the view of some food creatives to find out what it is like running a food business in Nigeria. They have also got some tips for business success. Hear them:

Akinde Opeyemi – Niel Pastries and Events

“Food business in Nigeria is lucrative and produces millionaires if run properly because there will always be a need for people to eat in order to satisfy either their cravings or hunger.
Starting a small scale food business is easy and not capital intensive. It is also one of the few businesses that are not affected by economic meltdown. People must eat no matter how poor they are, no matter the situation they are in, even when they are unemployed.

To run an effective food business in Nigeria, there are certain things one must put in place:
1) A good space that must be well ventilated with clean and hygenic environment. This is for the preparation of the food.
2) A good and affordable furniture for people to sit comfortable on if they are to eat in the restaurant.
3) Purchase of utensils and accessories. They must be good and durable.
4) Employ a good cook or baker. If the owner can handle it well for a start, it is fine.

Bear in mind that running a food business in Nigeria is highly competitive as so many people are into it now, hence, you must be good at what you do and have something special which makes you unique.”

Oluwadarasimi Anuoluwapo Ogungbesan – Otunba Annuity Catering (OAC) Foods

“One must be very creative and unique in style because there’s no new recipe anymore, except one decides to create one. As someone who has the passion to have a good business in Nigeria, you must first put in place, health and medical approval, food safety and control.

You must also know that creating a unique style of customer satisfaction will make you stand out among others. For starters, give discounts on your offerings and have a low urge to make profit. Satisfying your customers is a priority.”

Bidemi Aiyesa Modupe – Toyin Cakes and Pastries

“Poor sales are rare because the target market is large; everyone needs a place to eat. We are in the 21st century when everyone is busy and some have less time to cook in their houses thus settling for restaurants around them, ordering for food via online, phone calls, etc.

Have your business plan. It helps you to organize your business in the simplest fashion. Every idea needs to be executed with money. The capital required to start determines the scale of business you want to operate – whether a Fast food restaurant, Quick service restaurant, Casual dining restaurant, Fine dining restaurant or an Ethnic restaurant. The location of your business determines the caliber of people (e.g. working class, aged people, students, etc) you service. Understanding your market will help you to determine the kind of restaurant to start.

Also determine the layout of restaurant, kitchen/cooking space. Design your menu, decor and lighting. Decide the best market and suppliers of food stuffs, the right equipment to invest in (refrigerator, oven, tableware and flatware, chaffing dish, show glass, food mixer etc). Customer service and clean atmosphere is very crucial.

Be good at what you cook. Enrol in a catering school to upgrade your cooking skills in order to cook variety of delicacies that anyone around you can testify about. It’s a step forward that you are good at what you do. On the other hand, you can start a food business without attending culinary school; You only need to employ a good chef(s) and workers. The number of workers you need depends on the size of the restaurant.

Finally, advertise and create awareness for your business by creating banners, telling friends, families, neighbours, etc.”

Featured photo credit: • Rodinia restaurant and bar
• Albuquerque Journal

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