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I am sure you are conversant with stories about some tailors not meeting customers’ expectations either by not delivering on scheduled time or ruining designs. I am not making a case for tailors but let’s take a look at the situation from a different angle – What if a customer is to be blamed partly/fully for the tailor’s inability to meet his/her expectation? Let me break it down by asking these few questions.

  1. Do you discuss collection date with your tailor? Always agree on the date to collect your outfit with your tailor so you can hold him/her responsible if he/she fails to deliver on the agreed date/time.
  2. Do you pay advance fee on your made-to-order items? Some customers are used to dumping their fabrics with tailors and expect them to be made. Some even forget they took their fabrics to their tailor. Tailors buy accessories to produce designs. They also spend time and energy making them.
  3. Do you alter scheduled date/time for collection after your order? Some tailors have piles of work waiting for them and which they have scheduled their production. Altering your scheduled collection time might result to your tailor’s inability to meet your request.
  4. Are you used to visiting or booking appointment with your tailor at the very last minute? Most times, urgent jobs attract extra fees. So, if you task your tailor to make an order on short notice and he/she agrees especially without extra cost, there is a probability that you will be disappointed. However, it is a bad business ethic if a tailor agrees to take an order on short notice knowing fully well that he/she won’t be able to meet up.
  5. Do you select designs with your tailor? Only if a tailor is a professional/expert will you task him/her to make designs at his/her discretion, else, pick out your designs with your tailor. Professionals also consult jointly with their clients.

6. Do you pick up your outfit(s) on agreed dates? If you habitually fail to pick up orders on time, some tailors will put your job on hold while attending to other customers’ orders. This is another wrong business ethic but you can’t totally blame them especially when they are swamped with works.

7. Is your tailor/designer always swamped with works? If your tailor is always busy with works, the date for collection might be longer. If this does not favour you, I advise you look for a different tailor.

8. Do you ask for work samples? Always ask a tailor for samples of his/her work before engaging him/her. Better still, make sure there is one displayed at his/her workshop/studio. Note that seeing sewing machine(s) at a tailor’s place does not suggest he/she is a ‘pro’.

If you are not found wanting in any of the aforementioned scenarios, you will definitely need to change your tailor. If you are guilty of them, you will need to be more careful when choosing a tailor as well as more considerate as a customer.

What is your worst experience with a tailor? Share your experience in the comment section.

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