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This is the period when heat is at its peak. We have to stay sane amidst the scorching sun and the suffocating heat it radiates. Here are the types of clothing you should wear or avoid this period.
Sleeveless outfits: Clothes without sleeves allow adequate freedom and air during heat. If you want to be comfortable with enough air penetrating your skin, stay with sleeveless outfits. Leave long sleeves this period.
Avoid silk: You have to stay away from silk fabrics (especially chiffons) during this period as they do not absorb the sweat from your body and tend to cause heat during hot season. Silk fabrics also habour odour from sweat, especially when you don’t have a deodorant on. Cotton and linen clothes are good for heat as they absorb the sweat from your body.
Avoid black: Black clothes absorb heat from sunlight and cause you to sweat while white is a good heat/light reflector. So, choose white and bright coloured outfits when the sun is scorching.
Avoid woolly clothing: Clothes made with wool are perfect for cold weather as they help your body to produce heat/sweat to keep you warm. This is the reason you should avoid them during heat.
Avoid layering: Wearing a garment over another would make your outfit bulky and cause you to sweat, and would not help during heat period.
Wear airy and light clothes: Clothes made with light fabrics (except silk) or are airy are perfect for heat period. Thick clothes are bad for hot weather.

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