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Fashion influencer is the newfound word used by individuals with a good sense of style and large social media following to describe themselves. These days, people scamper to dress and out dress each other just to grab the title. To them, influence in fashion is more about ‘dressing to kill’.

Take a look at Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, whose style may not make the list of top stylish people of this world, but who is most definitely, a fashion icon and influencer of high magnitude. Why? Because Anna Wintour has contributed to fashion in several ways (other than her dress sense) that have shaped the fashion industry. (Google her).

In addition to this, even though her personal style may not make the top stylish people list, her style is classic and iconic, and this has further set her apart from everyone who is trying to look like every other person. She doesn’t even have a personal social media account!

Anna Wintour

Fashion bloggers proliferate daily, and most of them churning out pictures of their personal styles in order to ‘influence’ people to pay attention to them, and probably grab one or two endorsement deals (which by the way, doesn’t come on a platter). It takes a lot more than looking good in a dress or having a large social media following to be a fashion influencer; You  have to really be influential to bag that title. Yes, your fantastic style and large social media following can help you to achieve that status, but how influential are you really? As a fashion blogger, how much of fashion do you know? What is your conversion rate like? – Is your style and influence enough to lure people to accept/buy a product? What extra effort do you make, aside your dressing? It really entails a lot.

There are other ways of driving influence in fashion other than dressing and large fan base. By valuable contributions through projects, journalism, content creation, even as a designer, stylist, consultant, etc, one can achieve influence in the industry. Impeccable style and large following do not always meet influence (in fashion), ask Anna Wintour.

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