We are not saying he is setting a trend because there is only a handful of men that would be trying out the styles, but we would say he is a daring and confident style renegade.

Richard Brown, also known as Osebo is a Ghanaian fashion retailer rewriting fashion in his own tone. He is making a ‘statement’ in women’s clothing – skirts and African tunic-inspired dresses sometimes paired with knee-length pants.

No doubt, there are tribes and countries where men wear skirts as part of their culture but we believe Richard’s style is more of a marketing strategy for his personal and corporate brand, and it is working for him.

Richard Brown in his boutique – 247 Zara Butik

Nevertheless, we are loving this one featuring a kilt, a zipper top, and flat cap, the one with the long skirt paired with a suit jacket (see below) and we recommend them to the confident, dapper men.

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