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Did you know that the colour of the wall of your bedroom can affect your mood, energy level, and sleep?
According to colour psychology, the colours that surround us impact on our mood and behaviour. Therefore, it is important that you apply the principles of colour psychology when decorating your home in order to create the right atmosphere.
Colours like purple, red, brown, and gold suppress sleep. For instance, Red is a known signal for danger. It doesn’t provide the perfect atmosphere for sleep and relaxation. Gold is quite bright but it can cause financial worries.

So, what colours are best suited for your bedroom? What colours promote sleep?


Blue is highly embraced as the most conducive colour for sleep. It is calming and can help prevent nightmares. There are various shades of blue colour that you can select from to suit your taste.


Green is very pleasant. It represents comfort and relaxation. For persons who prefer green over blue, colours like moss or olive are better options.


This colour is quite comforting and very warm. It is very easy to relax in a yellow room.


Orange is also warm. Just like the other suitable colours, it creates a cozy feeling and a relaxing atmosphere. It helps the digestive system by aiding digestion and helps in soothing an upset stomach. It alao helps in preparing the body for sleep.


Very attractive and luxurious, silver is made up of sleep-inducing properties that allow you to sleep quicker.


You should consider white colour for your bedroom. It is soft, relaxing, and creates the right atmosphere that your bedroom needs.

Create the serene, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere that your bedroom needs by using the colours above to paint your bedroom.

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