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The timeless fashion piece, the suit or tuxedo is a must-have in any wardrobe. Suits serve for day and night, informal, semiformal and formal occasions especially for men.

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The two-part suit (i.e a suit having the jacket and pants made from different fabrics) has further diversified the functionality of tuxedos. With the two-part suit, you can achieve more style while adding some fun and colour.

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While the two-piece or three-piece combinations are still fashion must-haves, the two-part suit is a thing, and is here to complement both.

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It serves as informal/casual wear, as semi formal and formal wear for occasions like weddings, black-tie, and corporate events. However, I advise that it should not be worn to the very formal, corporate/business occasions like board meeting, business conference, business meeting, etc. I recommend the two-piece or three-piece for such occasions.

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