Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter, 2021 collection features an aeroplane bag designed to look like a plane and priced at $39,000.

Many online users have made mockery of the bag and some mentioning that the bag costs more than an actual aeroplane. Well, we googled and found out that cheaper planes cost lower than the bag but there are also planes worth millions of dollars. If a Hermes bag can cost $40,000 and more, why not a Louis Vuitton aeroplane bag? We are sure more effort and creativity went into its design and production.

We had no doubt that Virgil Abloh’s arrival at LV would pump some creative air into the brand’s design and marketing arsenals. We see this design as more of a marketing tactic. Nevertheless, the bag is definitely spacious, and we hope the wings can be folded in some way to strengthen its wearable art ethos and attract more buyers. One thing for sure is that whether you like or hate this bag, there are persons who will cough out that sum to have it.

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