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Money for food and foodstuffs is a problem in most homes. It’s even worse for students and that’s why I have got the following tips to help you save money on food items.

1) Make A List.

This is the number one rule every one should follow when shopping for foodstuffs. Before going to the market, check your foodstuffs and write down a list of all the things you need and their estimated prices. That way, you’ll know all the things to be bought and have an idea of the total amount you’ll spend including your transport fare. Always stick to the list unless you see something really important that you forgot to include in the list.

2) Visit The Local Market.

Going to the mall or supermarket is cool and all but things sold in the market are cheaper and way bigger in terms of quantity per price. For instance, the quantity of tomatoes at the market at N200 is more than the quantity at the supermarket for same price.

3) Buy In Bulk.

Bulk buying saves a lot of money. It is cheaper for you to buy a roll of sachet tomatoes than for you to buy two or three pieces repeatedly.

4) Buy In Season.

This works for a lot of people and helps them save a lot of money so you should try it too. Items are cheaper when in season. Buy whatever is in season in bulk and preserve it for later use. These days, almost every foodstuff can be preserved even perishable items like pepper, tomato, etc. Seasonal buying is an excellent way to save cost on food items.

5) Preserve Your Foodstuffs.

Like I mentioned, foodstuffs can be preserved so they can last longer. You can grind, boil, dry or freeze them to avoid wastage.

6) Don’t Shop Hungry.

If you can, always eat before going to the market or you’ll end up buying every yummy food/foodstuffs you see.

7) Have A Simple Lifestyle.

Do not go about spending money buying tonnes of food items just because you can afford to. Buy what you need and watch what you eat. Eat simply so you can live simply and of course healthy.

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