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Ever walked into a house and you had to hold your breath all through your stay? I’m sure you’d turn down an invitation to such a place on another occasion. A foul-smelling home is a turn-off any day.
Everyone desires to always go back to a clean and nice smelling home. You feel great and motivated when your environment smells lovely and you’ll be confident to have guests around.
The right scent is not exclusive to only luxury hotels or spas, you can bring it into your home.
Here are simple, practical steps to make your home smell good!

• Open The Windows.

A lot of activities go on indoors – cooking, cleaning, sweeping, painting e.t.c. It’s easy for the air to get polluted. To have a fresh-smelling home, it’s important you open your windows regularly to allow the polluted air out and fresh air inside.
You can make it a habit to always open the window first thing in the morning.

• Bring in Flowers

Flowers will not only make your space look lovely, but also create a unique scent. Jasmine, Hyacinth, Eucalyptus, Gardenias offer pleasant and unique fragrances. There are a lot of scents you can choose from depending on your taste.

• Light Some Candles.

With naturally scented candles, your home can be enveloped in a sweet-smelling fragrance. It’s advisable you use this in your bathroom or bedroom. The smell will spread to all corners of the house.

• Spray Air Freshener.

You can get a sweet-smelling air freshener from a supermarket. There are lots of fragrances to choose from. You can also make your own air freshener at home.
Spray into the air occasionally. You can add a little quantity to the soap and water mixture when you want to mop the floor.

• Cook!

A sweet aroma coming from the delicious meal you’re cooking or baking a cookie, cake, etc can lighten up the atmosphere and give everywhere a pleasant smell for a while.

• Keep The House Tidy.

If you practise the above tips and your house is always in a mess, all your efforts will be in vain. Keep your house clean always and empty your trash bin frequently. Ensure that you wash your trash bin after every disposal to avoid any lingering foul smell.

Achieve a nice smelling home you’d always love to come back to with these simple tips above!

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