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If you always dread the task of picking the perfect outfit for an event despite having a wardrobe filled with clothes or you have items you regret buying, then, it could be that you have poor shopping habits.
Just like anything in life, a good shopping habit is a skill that can be learned and developed.
Below are shopping rules that you need to know.

Do A Wardrobe Audit.

It’s important that you look through your wardrobe and take an inventory of the items in it before you go shopping. This would help you know the items that you need and prevent you from buying similar items or items that don’t go with anything else you own. It’s pointless to buy a shirt you love on the rack in a store if you have no pants or skirts to style it with. Shop for pieces that you can pair with what you have in your closet.
Also, you’ll be able to make a shopping list and prevent impulse buys.

Quality Over Quantity

Look out for pieces that you can wear multiple times, multiple ways, and for multiple occasions. Check the material and texture. It saves you more money when you buy quality items.
For instance, it’s best to buy one white shirt with good quality that will last for some years, than ten white shirts of low quality that you’ll have to toss away in a year.

Avoid Emotional Shopping.

Shop with a purpose and a list. While it’s not entirely bad to go shopping in order to lift your spirit, especially when you are not too happy, but only do this if you can afford not to make any mistake. Avoid shopping when you’re angry, sad, or moody, as your decisions will be clouded at such moments and you’ll end up buying what you probably don’t need.

Buy Pieces That Flatter Your Figure.

Don’t buy clothes because they look cute. Buy clothes that flatter your figure. There are various body shapes and it’s essential you know your body shape so you can shop for items that accentuate your physical features. Stick to figure-flattering outfits!

Follow these rules anytime you need to go shopping.

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