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African print also known as Ankara has come a long way and become a sought-after fabric in the fashion scene. The reason for this is not farfetched given its vibrancy and functionality. Some African/Nigerian fashion designers have also done well in utilizing this popular print in the most creative and innovative ways possible.
One of such designers is Adetoke Oluwo, a graduate of Linguistics from University of Ibadan and a Uk-trained Screenwriter from the Met Film School. She is the Owner and Creative Director of SGTC Clothing, a fashion brand which is only a year old but already making an impact in the Nigerian fashion sphere – further solidifying the versatility and fueling the staying power of the African print by designing/making unique pieces out of it.

Adetoke Oluwo

In our chat with Adetoke, she takes us through her brand’s mission, vision, and marketing strategy. See the interview below.
What inspired you founding SGTC Clothing?

The business started “unplanned”. I have always loved prints but hated business. I was on a trip to UK and US in 2016 and some friends casually told me to make Ankara pieces for them when coming. I took professional pictures of the pieces for the fun of it and it went viral. The business started as a result of that. I also got an international partnership by just one professional picture. Let us say the rest is history.

SGTC Clothing. What’s the inspiration behind the brand name?
I have a feature page on Instagram called Style Goes To Church. I wanted a unison and so decided to coin the acronym – S (Style) G (Goes) T (To) C (Church) SGTC.

What other jobs do you do aside designing?
I am also a TV Producer, Script writer, Style Influencer, and International Fashion Reporter.
You make use of the Ankara fabric a lot. Why?
They say follow your passion in business. Ankara has always been a go-to fabric for me. I love colours! The print goes well with my personality which is vibrant, happy, energetic and colourful. Also, it is easy to work with.

How has your large Instagram following affected your brand (personal and business)?
When I started the business, the large following was on my feature page (@stylegoestochurch). My personal page grew with the business. For me, consistency and churning out great designs, colour match, etc sold my business. Not necessarily because I have a good number of following and of course, God’s Grace! Having a large number of following most times does not translate to sales. It is the quality and outlook of whatever you have for sale. Good and quality pictures and mutual relationships with bloggers and fashion lovers helped me a lot in growing my brand.

Any future plan for the brand?
Global Takeover! That is our vision and mission; Not to be mediocres or local champions. Our mission is to also help young business owners and show support to other brands as well. SGTC Clothing is all about giving back. So, you will see more of that.

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