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We are in support of looking good at every time, day, and age, after all cleanliness is next to godliness, and looking good is good business.
No doubt, fashion knows no age. Men like Irvin Randle, Richard Mofe Damijo who have inspired a lot of men to not only take care of their body but to also dress well (and fashionably) have proven this. However, caution must be applied.
Like Irvin Randle and Richard Mofe Damijo, Dino Melaye is fashionable but for some mishaps on some occasions – He tend to overdo it sometimes, like a teenager or a showbiz person would. For someone of his age, a pair of boots is not a good choice of accessory unless special activities such as bike riding, mountain climbing, and some other athletic activities call for it. Sneakers are preferable to boots for his age, if he chooses to look sporty and casual on normal occasions.
Also, for someone of his age and status, flaunting a designer label or wearing an outfit with boldly-printed designer emblem(s), is not a good idea. He should leave that for ‘boys’. Ripped outfits are also not recommended for his status. They would have been okay for his image if he was in entertainment or show business.
On some occasions, his outfits are so tight that they give him a bad shape and figure. He has a tad big belly, hence, should avoid tight outfits. He should always go for loose and not-so-tight T-shirts, shirts, jeans and clothes that will make his belly fat inconspicuous.
Senator Dino Melaye is fashionable but he needs to put the factors above into consideration in order to look good and presentable in his fashion statements and for his age  and status at all times.
See below, our selection of his good fashion moments.
Photo credit: IG: Dino Melaye

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