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There are key dresses every man or woman should have in his/her closet. Having them in your wardrobe is very important because they are essential, timeless, and easy to style for either formal or informal occasions.

For women:

1) A Black Dress: Every woman should own at least one black dress. Gone are the days when black is seen as cloth for burials. Now you can wear black with the right accessories. Best thing about putting on a black dress is that you don’t need to worry much about matching shoes and bags because black goes with everything. You can rock your black dress with neutral bag and shoe or with bright colours. You can also slay in all-black.

2) A White Top: Whether it is a shirt, T-shirt or a shirt dress, every lady should own a white top. White tops can be worn to work or casual outings and can be paired with jeans, pants or skirts depending on the occasion and your mood. It’s a simple but classic wardrobe piece.

3) Blue Denim: Jeans are classic, comfortable and make one look elegant. Whether it’s a jean skirt or trouser, every lady needs one. Blue denims are also not selective like black dresses as they can be worn with any colour of top and paired with heels or sneakers depending on the occasion. You can also pair your ankara top with a pair of blue jeans.

4) Black Skirt: Every woman should own a black skirt. Since black goes with anything, you won’t have much problem looking for matching accessories. Also, you can put it on for two days in a row, styling it with different tops and accessories and people won’t notice especially if it’s a plain one.

5) An Ankara: Whether it is a simple Ankara dress, skirt or top, Ankara is quite special, versatile, and in vogue, so, every woman should have at least one Ankara outfit in her closet. Ankara can be made into any style (both traditional and contemporary). You can also wear your Ankara to almost all occasions.

For men:

1) A Tuxedo/Suit: Tuxedos and suits can transform a man’s look completely. It can turn that rugged looking guy into a complete gentleman and you may not even be able to recognize him. A man in a good tux is able to influence people’s thought about him. It also changes his thinking. How? If you’re well-dressed, people will definitely admire you and when you know all eyes are on you, you won’t do anything embarrassing in public. Good dressing also has a way of boosting your confidence. Suits can be worn for presentations, interviews, dates, weddings and church. Wanna get the attention of everyone around you? Get/Wear a good tux.

2) White Shirt: Like women, men also need a white shirt. They are ideal for work situations as they promote a sense of professionalism. They can also be worn to casual events and can be paired with black pants or blue jeans depending on the occasion.

3) Blue Jeans: Jeans are highly durable and quite stylish. They can be worn to almost every event. A blue jeans paired with a T-shirt or other shirts is a simple but sophisticated and fashionable look especially if the right accessories are used.

4) Black Trousers: I can’t imagine a guy not having at least one black trouser in his closet. As earlier stated, black goes with everything, so, having black trousers is very important. It gives you a classic look as well.

5) Traditional Oufit: Whether it’s a simple Ankara outfit, the popular senator wear, or an Agbada, a guy should have a traditional outfit as you never know when you’ll need one. Traditional outfits can be worn to weddings, church and even to the office.

Which of these outfit(s) do you have in your closet and which do you plan on getting?

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