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Fashion goes beyond what we wear; It is an identity and a way of life. It is dynamic too which is why we have trends that come and go over the years. Bringing back these trends sometimes involves revamping them to suit modern taste. For example: Until recently, the Isiagu print was majorly worn by chiefs and formed an identity for a titled person in Igbo tribe.

Nigeria as a nation is rich in culture and Nigerians are among the most fashionable people of this world. Here are some traditional costumes of specific tribes in Nigeria. We are also taking you back to the old times to show you some of Nigeria’s native hairstyles.

The Onyonyo regalia worn by princesses of Efik Kingdom in Cross river state.

The Isiagu & Crown/horn outfits worn by Chiefs of the Igbo tribe. Isiagu & Crown/Horn prints are presently a trend in fashion and now generally accepted by both men and women, and for traditional and western styles.

Alkiba outfit worn by royalties in Borno state.

The Etubom costume of Cross river, Fulani’s Fulfude costume, Aso-Ofi of Yoruba tribe, and Fulani’s Fuska Kura.

Photo source: Center for Research, Information Management
and  Media Development (CRIMMD)

The Doka of Fulani tribe, Eting of Crossriver, Agogo of Iseyin tribe in Oyo state, and Goto style of Kanuri tribe in Borno state.

Photo source: Center for Research, Information Management
and  Media Development (CRIMMD)

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