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While some may argue that copper is not a precious metal, the metal itself is valuable like gold, silver, platinum. Its value does not equate to that of precious metals but this metal is precious in its own way as its price value equally increases just like the three.

Copper is useful is so many ways – It is used in electrical (wires), construction (plumbing, roofing), industrial machines, vehicles, etc. It has been found to possess bacterial-resistant property higher than that of platinum, the reason hospitals have begun to use beds, door knobs and metal equipment that are made with copper. It is also used in making jewelry and as metal parts of other fashion accessories.
Copper is cheaper and more affordable than gold and silver but like gold and silver, it is pliable and non-corrosive.

You might ask why copper is cheaper even when it has the properties of precious metals and even more. It is because the metal is more available than gold and silver.
Nonetheless, this does not erase the fact that copper is a good investment. Investing in copper is not just cheaper but rewarding with lesser risk. A copper necklace and earrings set which was made by a metalsmith in the 80’s for my mum at N3,000 was valued at N20,000 in 2021; That is almost 7 times its original price value after about 30 years. This might not be worth much when compared to a similar necklace made with gold or silver but isn’t it good to know that purchasing items made with copper is profitable in future?

When copper is used is making items, it is usually mixed with other metals like tin, zinc, nickel, brass, bronze to further increase its strength/hardness. This alters the value or purity of the copper in such materials, so, for a higher return on your investment, invest in pure copper bars or bullions.

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