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As you get older, you’ll need to drop some unhealthy habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle especially when you’re 40 years and above. The things you do at this age will affect you negatively or positively depending on how you live your life.
When you get to 40, you should:

1) Avoid Sleeping Anywhere.

As a younger person, you can afford to sleep on the couch or anywhere you please but you don’t have that privilege as an older person. You should sleep on a comfortable bed in order to prevent back and neck pains.

2) Eat Healthy.

It is very important to mind what you eat as you get older. Eating healthy helps reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart burns, etc. It also keeps your bones strong and makes you physically and mentally fit.
Drop that box of cupcakes and grab a plate of fruit salad instead.

3) Try To Be Happy.

Avoid boredom. Do things that keep you busy and make you happy. Be around people you love, and smile as much as possible.
Being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle and increases your lifespan. When you’re happy, you make better decisions, deal with stress better and you’re able to solve your problems better.
It is not the time to sulk and hate.

4) Be Prayerful.

Did you know that prayer helps eliminate anxiety and prevents you from making the wrong decisions? You’re also relieved of the burden in your heart when you pray.
Prayer brings you closer to God and as you get older, you should strengthen the relationship you have with your Creator.

5) Avoid Loans.

This is not the time to take huge loans from the bank as bank loans can give you high blood pressure if it’s not managed properly. As much as possible, avoid anything that will increase your blood pressure at this age.

6) Be Less Materialistic.

At this age, you should love, enjoy and manage what you already have. Chase wealth with caution.

7) Drink A Lot Of Water.

As you get older, you should increase your water intake and drastically reduce that of sodas.
Water lubricates the joints (reducing your risk of arthritis), boosts skin health, flushes out harmful toxins from the body and regulates your body temperature. Keep a bottle of water beside you always.

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