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Most people think lemon is only good for skin problems, sore throats and a few other things but this multipurpose fruit is also very handy around the kitchen.

Did you know you can use lemons to do the following?

1) Refresh Your Chopping Board.

It’s totally normal for your chopping board to smell a bit weird even after washing it repeatedly. You don’t expect your chopping board to smell the same after cutting veggies, onions, garlic, meat, fish and a host of other items but the good news is that you can get rid of the smell with lemons. All you have to do is cut your lemon into two and use one part to clean the chopping board or you can rinse the chopping board with lemon juice.

2) Drive Insects Away From Your Kitchen.

To save money on insecticides, get enough lemons, squeeze out the juice and pour in your windowsills and small cracks in the kitchen. You can also mop your house with enough lemon juice mixed with water. Insects detest the smell of lemon and so they won’t come close.

3) Wash Your Fruits And Veggies.

There are lots of harmful bacteria lurking on the surfaces of fruits and veggies especially those gotten from the market and roadside. You can kill those bacteria with lemon as lemon is a natural disinfectant.

4) Freshen Your Fridge.

Too lazy to clean your fridge but don’t like the smell coming out of it? Remove the cause of the smell first and just cut your lemon into two and leave it in the fridge.

5) Keep Smell Away From Your Dustbin.

Just like your fridge, you can also keep your dustbin smelling nice with the help of lemons. You only need to throw your (leftover) lemons (and orange peels if you have any) into your dustbin.
It works all the time.

6) Eradicate Odour In Your Fireplace.

The fireplace is used a lot in the winter and cold periods. It can develop a strange smell since you throw in a lot of things just to keep the fire burning. You can get rid of the foul smell by burning some lemon peels alongside the firewood.

7) Clean, Whiten And Harden Nails.

After grating carrots and some other foodstuffs like tumeric, your nails may change colour. Do not worry so much because you can take care of this with lemons.
All you have to do is soak the tip of your nails in lemon juice and warm water mixture for 3-5 minutes. You can rub some lemon peels on your nails after soaking. You can also do this regularly for cleaner and stronger nails.

Are there are other things you use lemons for? Let me know in the comment section.

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