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The major idea behind clothing is for cover but over the years, it has evolved to quite a lot of things following the advent of fashion brands and designers scattered around the world.

It has also been scientifically proven that what you wear affects every aspect of your personality – behaviour, attitude, mood, confidence, thoughts and your general performance. This is referred to as the ‘Concept of Enclothed Cognition.’

Trends change in fashion. Whatever style you choose is totally your choice but before you make that choice check out how your dressing can affect you:

1) It affects your physical and mental orientation and performance making you either feel weak or powerful/confident. Informal clothing is likely to hurt in negotiations. Dress for the personality you are aiming at and not who you are presently, make dressing for success a habit.

2) It can affect thought processes and perceptions. It sends either a positive or negative message to your mind and of course to the minds of others around you. So, choose your clothing wisely.

3) It affects your emotion and mood. This is the major reason for having different items in your wardrobe for different occasions and events.

4) When you dress well, you tend to behave in a coordinated manner to suit how you look, and vice versa.

Are you having a bad/moody day? Dress well and take a stroll, I assure you, you will come back with a broad smile looking refreshed altogether.

The next time you are ‘tempted’ to dress shabbily, have a second thought on how what you wear affects your personality.

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Esther Ogundare is a graduate of Biochemistry, a certified fashion designer, instructor, writer and public speaker with over 10 years experience in the industry. She is the Creative Director of Esolto Couture, a fashion house located in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also keen on youth and women empowerment. Esther is a Contributor at Befenchy's creativity and lifestyle media, Fashion Appraisal which you are currently reading its content.

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