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Starting a clothing line in Nigeria is a personal journey which requires your creativity and which can be overwhelming if you venture into it without the right information and preparedness. Here is a guide on what you need to do before you venture into this very profitable aspect of fashion.

1. Identify Your Target Market: You need to define your niche from the onset. Do you want to design children wear, chubby ladies wear or plus size fashion, street style brand, men’s casual, etc? Do you want to venture into ready-to-wear, couture/bespoke or both?

2. Have A Business Plan: The fashion industry is difficult to predict, hence, requires a business plan even if you decide to test run your designs on a low scale first.

3. Create A Budget: Decide how you are going to raise and spend funds. Let your budget accommodate resources to meet more demands.

4. Work On Your Brand Identity: Pick a brand name that appeals to your target market and is generally inviting.

5. Organise Your Business: Determine your location (Online or physical store), your mode of operation, your key workers or partners (designers, accountants, digital marketers, etc), product catalogue, insurance plan, funding, etc.

6. Create Your Design: You will need to put your creativity to work here and create stunning designs that will appeal to your targeted niche.

7. Start Manufacturing: Ensure to employ the service of a good tailor or trusted garment factory to make just a few samples of your designs for a test-run.

8) Test Your Product In The Market: Do your due diligence to ask for feedback. It is a proven business currency that has the ability to fast forward your growth.

9) Start Selling: Organising deals, promotions, and give-aways will help create more awareness for your products. Ensure your products are well-packaged and be prompt in dealing with returns or customer complaints.

10) Scale Up: Take time out to reflect on and analyse your business, the growth and every step you have taken, before expanding and committing to bigger projects. Also, keep developing your skill.

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Esther Ogundare is a graduate of Biochemistry, a certified fashion designer, instructor, writer and public speaker with over 10 years experience in the industry. She is the Creative Director of Esolto Couture, a fashion house located in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also keen on youth and women empowerment. Esther is a Contributor at Befenchy's creativity and lifestyle media, Fashion Appraisal which you are currently reading its content.

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