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Everyone loves to shop at discounted prices. Fashion items vary as much as their prices. While the prices of some items are fixed, others are not, and for the latter, every shopper goes home with their item of choice at a cost below the actual price depending on their bargaining power. As a consultant who doubles as fashion retailer, I have got some tips for you to help you shop at a good bargain. Scroll down to see them.

Make use of offers & sales promotions: Offers such as bonanzas, clearance sales, seasonal sales are very good opportunities for shoppers to buy products they like at reduced rates. During sales, prices of items are slashed by certain percentage(s). There are also bonanzas where retail outlets offer free product(s) to customers after shopping e.g a ‘buy 1 get 1 free offer’. These are avenues to shop products at reduced prices.

Bulk purchase: This is simple – The higher the number of items you purchase, the higher the probability of price reduction by sellers.

Repeat visit/purchase: The more you patronize a retail (or wholesale) outlet, the higher your bargaining power. Sellers keep their loyal customers by giving them discounts and freebies.

Referrals: Merchants and sellers love it when you recommend them to another buyer. This shows you are loyal to their company/brand and they will give you incentives for doing this.

Shop during off-seasons: If you can, avoid seasonal buying. Products tend to increase in price during this period. I advise you buy items you need before seasons, however, you might be lucky to enjoy seasonal sales and discounts offered by some outlets.

Be considerate with your bargain: It is important for shoppers to appreciate the good design, style or quality of a product when they see one. Some shoppers are of the habit of ‘badmouthing’ a good product with the hope that it will make sellers to reduce prices. This is a very wrong move as it does not make any seller happy. It also sends the message that the shopper does not value the quality of the product and will make most sellers of good & quality products to stick to their prices; No seller likes his/her products to be undervalued. Be considerate and let the seller know that a product is OK but you can’t afford the price and the seller may consider reducing the price for you.

Hire a fashion or wardrobe consultant: There are perks you enjoy when you employ the services of a fashion/wardrobe consultant or personal shopper especially on a retainer basis. One of such perks is purchasing items at prices lower than you would usually buy them. A retainer is a fee you pay to reserve the services of a service provider. This arrangement allows the wardrobe consultant or personal shopper to periodically develop a wardrobe for you usually in a cost effective manner. If you require this service, get in touch with Befenchy.

So guys, now that you have known the secrets to shopping at lower prices, go get yourselves those items you have been coveting.

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