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In recent times, the natural hair has become a trend in the beauty industry. However, unlike the relaxed hair or hair extensions, it requires adequate knowledge of your hair features, texture, the right products, routine and styling to really enjoy grooming it.

Common problems associated with keeping natural hair include hair breakage, rough edges, stunted growth, dandruff, and hair tangling. The major solution to all these problems is ensuring that you keep the hair nicely conditioned using the right products in appropriate measures. This helps keep the hair moisturised, giving it a shiny, soft look and feel. Ensure you also invest in a good hair straightener, shea butter and other essential oils to make your natural hair journey a hitch free one.

Numerous DIY videos on making a good conditioner for natural hair can be found online but the ingredients common to them all include: Virgin Olive oil, plain Greek Yorghurt, Honey, Egg white, Lavender oil, Banana and Coconut oil.

There are varying styles for different face shapes and hair length, some of which include: Short twists, corn rows, short braids chignon, beaded braids, flat twists, braided fauxhawk, pineapple updo, side twists, Ghana braids, crotchet braid, dutch roll, havana twists, twisted updo, braided crown, Senegalese twist, sleek bun, french braid fringe, twisted goddess, milkmaid braid, the hypnotic roll, etc.

Finding it difficult grooming your natural hair or thinking to start out soon? Take note of the aforementioned tips and most importantly be patient enough to watch your hair grow into the lovely, shiny, attractive hair you’ve always desired.

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