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’tis that season again – The season of parties, outings, shopping, and more fun. More interestingly, doing all these in style by incorporating the good-old hat into your wardrobe. 

Hats are of different kinds and I will be taking you through some of them in addition to helping you know the perfect occasion to throw them on this season.

For evening parties and events, the Bowler hat or Derby, Fedora, Fascinators, Stetson or Cowboy hat, Top hat, Boss of the plains are the hats you should be choosing from. Bowler, Fedora, Stetson,  Boss of the plains and Top hats come handy for men. Fascinators are perfect for women for this occasion. There are also feminine-stylized Bowler and Boss of the plains hats which are suitable as well.

Bowler hat
Top hat
Boss of the plains
Boss of the plains
Cowboy or Stetson hat

No Christmas without praises and worship. Get your praise on and attend church in style in Fascinators or Queen Elizabeth-inspired hats. The sun hat and some bucket hats also work well for church. Men can choose from the fedora and bowler hats.

Queen Elizabeth-inspired hat
Sun hat

For outings – beach, visits to friends, day parties, and shopping, the Bucket hat, Sombrero, Sun hat, Bowler hat, Cowboy hat, Boss of the plains and Fedora are suitable. These hats also come handy when the sun becomes unbearable.

Bucket hat

Make hats part of your wardrobe this season. Hail the king of Bethlehem and party in style with hats. Compliments of the season!

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