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I’m sure you have that one friend, sister/brother or colleague who always effortlessly look well put together and you wonder how he/she does it.

The answer is not far-fetched. You can look classy and elegant without breaking the bank or taking so much time.
Below are basic tips that can take you from plain to plush.

✓ Build A Functional Wardrobe.

You don’t need all the clothes in the world to look great. You only need the right wardrobe and wardrobe essentials. Having timeless pieces in your wardrobe saves you time when you are looking for what to wear as well as gives you a classic look. It saves you money too because the pieces do not go out of style.
A well-fitted bra, jeans, little black dress, white shirt, red dress, blazer are must-haves in a lady’s wardrobe.

✓ Wear Fitted And Well-Ironed Clothes.

Oversized or too tight clothing will not give you a classy look. You will feel uncomfortable in them and this lowers your confidence. Get a good seamstress to adjust your clothes to your size. Knowing your body type will serve as a guide in picking the right outfits.
Also, a well-ironed cloth gives you a classy and elegant look. Never step out in a wrinkled outfit.

✓ Invest In A Good Wristwatch.

This is very important especially for men. It is a fashion statement. If you can’t afford an expensive, branded one. You can opt for the less expensive but stylish ones. You can pair your wristwatch with a formal or casual outfit.

✓ Pay Attention To Your Shoes And Bags.

Your shoe can make or mar your look. Wear good and neat shoes. Also, always buy quality, durable, and structured bags. They accentuate your look.

✓ Get Your Nails Done.

You should pamper your hands and nails. If you can’t get a manicure frequently, you should at least clean and paint your nails at home. Remove chipped nail polish. If you do not like using nail polish, make sure your nails are always clean and taken care of. Never bite your nails. It gives them a shabby look. Use good hand cream.

✓ Dress For The Occasion.

Ensure that you always dress according to the occasion. A stylist can always help you come up with ideas or you can check online if you are completely clueless. You should never be overdressed or underdressed. Balance is the key.

✓ Smell Good.

A body fragrance can do the magic of getting everyone looking in your direction. Invest in soft and sweet-smelling body wash, body mist, deodorant, and/or perfumes.

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