Just as we run a check for our phones before leaving the house, so it seems we would be doing for a face mask, thanks (or no thanks) to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The face mask is gradually becoming a wardrobe staple, hence, the need for those who yearn for style to extend their hunger for classic and unique wardrobe to this piece.

Here are some ‘masked looks’ to inspire your desire to look fly while staying safe from Corona Virus.

Disney face masks
Photo: IG/the_real_chi
Photo: IG/nancyisimeofficial
Irvin Randle
Photo: IG/tyresetroy
Photo: IG/therealrhonkefella
Photo: IG/debbs_bjuku
Photo: IG/chiomagoodhair
Photo: IG/powedeawujo
Photo: IG/mawuli_gavor
Photo: IG/ceec_official
Photo: IG/shop.doja
Photo: IG/powedeawujo

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