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Everyone wants to look young, fresh, and glowing. Some people are able to achieve this while others find it unattainable, so, it becomes a lifelong struggle.

We spend lots of money on skincare products and sometimes opt for surgeries in order to retain a youthful look but it is important to understand that there are certain factors and habits that make one age fast.
Below are habits that you need to keep at bay if you want to look fresh and young.

Prolonged Exposure To The Sun

It is true that in this part of the world, we can’t completely avoid being exposed to UV rays, but you’ve to be intentional about protecting your skin.
Too much exposure to the sun can lead to dry skin, appearance of wrinkles, loose skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, a blotchy complexion, and skin cancer.
Protect your skin by using sunscreen. Apply it on your face and other exposed parts of your body every morning. It’s also not a bad idea to take your umbrella or hat on very sunny days.

Alcohol And Smoking

These two habits are very detrimental to your health. They also affect your skin. Smoking reduces the elasticity of your skin, making it prone to wrinkles. It causes your skin to turn grayish-yellow pallor because the skin cells are deprived of oxygen.
Alcohol also causes premature aging.
Shun smoking and alcohol consumption to keep your skin bright and young.

Using The Wrong Skin And Makeup Products

There are different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. It’s best you know your skin type in order to know what product suits your skin. Using the wrong products on your skin can cause all kinds of skin problems. Those with very sensitive skin swiftly react to wrong products. When you find what works for you, stick to it. Don’t be impulsive in buying new products.
Most people who look way younger than their age always have skin products that they have been using for years.
Be faithful to what works for you!


If there’s one thing that can make you age rapidly, it is stress. Take time to see how your skin looks when you are experiencing a burnout. Some people tend to have a breakout and the likes. Take out time to relax and unwind. Rest. Sleep. Make de-stressing a lifestyle and it will affect your skin in a very good way.

Unhealthy Nutrition

You are what you eat. Replace processed foods and junks with fruits and vegetables. Ensure you consume a balanced diet. You need these nutrients to keep you youthful and fit. Also, taking enough water helps you to age well.

Implement these simple tips and watch yourself age gracefully.

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