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Facial steaming also known as facial sauna is all about letting your face absorb steam for a few minutes using a face steamer or a bowl of hot water. Usually, people place a towel over their head so that enough steam is directed towards their face. It is important to steam your face regularly as it helps deep cleanse your skin, remove toxins, prevent acne by unclogging your pores and getting rid of white and black heads.
Steaming also prevents dry skin and sinus problems. It is also a perfect way to relax. Doing your facial steaming at home saves time and money. It is advisable to practise facial steaming at least once in two weeks.
Doing your facial treatment yourself is very easy and you won’t have to spend much. Below is a list of items and procedures for taking care of your face.


i) A large stainless steel pan

ii) A towel

iii) Dried lavender

iv) Powdered milk

v) Oatmeal

vi) Eggwhite

vii) Exfoliating facial pad


i) Fill a stainless steel pan with water and throw a handful of dried lavender. Heat the water till it boils.

ii) Reduce the heat and allow the lavender water mixture simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and remove the steel pan from the stove/gas.

iii) Pull your hair back and place your face in front of the rising steam.

iv) Allow your face soak up the sweet smelling steam for about 5mins.

NOTE: Do not bring the steam and hot pan too close to your face.

Dried lavender


i) Damp your exfoliating facial pad in warm water and dip it in powdered milk.

ii) Massage your face gently with it till you have covered your entire face and use a dry towel to pat your face dry.

Your face should have a natural glow by now.


i) Mix 1 teaspoon of oatmeal and 2 teaspoons of powdered milk together in a bowl.

ii) Add egg and mix thoroughly. Blend or mix till they become smooth and pasty.

iii) Apply mixture to your face and allow it dry.

iv) Rinse with water and apply a moisturizing lotion or mild cleanser.

After this, your skin will become soft and smooth.

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