Denims or jean outfits have come a long way and continue to be wardrobe staples loved by many. Aside their durability, these fashion classics help wearers achieve comfort whether loose or fitted; With them, most times, one need not to worry about any wardrobe malfunction in form of tear or ripping of zip, also, showing of underpant lines.

You probably have one or two denim outfits, either jeans, skirt, jacket, etc in your closet, and you are wondering how you can make the most of them. Here are different ways you can pair them to achieve more style-worthy looks:

• Pair with African print tops, colourful and sleek tops and bottoms.

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Kim Kardashian

• For ripped jeans, pair with more structured top for refined look or less structured top for edgy, rock star look.

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Rukky Sanda
Kim Kardashian

 • Pair with sleek blazers and long jackets

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• Pair with stylish tops.

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• Pair with sneakers, boots, and stylish accessories.

Rukky Sanda
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• Pair with graphic print and wordplay t-shirts and tops.

Lady Gaga

 • Pair with flare and/or pleated skirts

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• Pair with another denim outfit, as in denim on denim.

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Kim Kardashian
Kylie Jenner vs Kim Kardashian

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