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Everyone has a shape/structure unique to them, so it is important to know how to appropriately dress according to your body shape.

There are 4 major types of body shapes although some individuals may fall in between two.

They are Pear shape, Hourglass shape, Apple shape and Rectangular shape.

You can’t change your frame size, bone structure or the place you store fat or muscle because they all depend on your DNA and your diet (as explained by Physiologist Michelle Olson, PhD), but you can definitely style them in a way that accentuates the best features or conceals the not-so-flattering parts.

Pear-shaped individuals have narrower shoulders, wider waists than busts and fuller hips. With this body shape, you will need to play up your upper body by wearing bold-coloured, V-neck, cowl or scoop neck tops for a wider and fuller upper part of your body.
You can also wear any type of dark-coloured jeans/pants, A-line dresses, princess cuts, maxi styles that conceal your big hips and any dress (such as bodycons) that helps your hips and thighs to look slimmer.

Hour glass shapes have shoulders proportionate to the bust and hips with a well-defined waist. This is the most curvy body shape and requires that whatever you wear defines your waist. A must have in your wardrobe is bodicon dresses, peplum blouses, tank tops, V-neck/boat neck tops, flowy dresses with slim belts, mini skirts, fitted jumpsuits, skinny jeans and leggings.

Apple-shaped individuals look amazing when they play up their full bust, legs and arms. Flowy tunics, button-ups, V-necks, A-lines, flare dresses strapless maxi styles, knee length shift or sheath dress, skinny jeans, wrap dress with a scoop or V-neck.

Rectangular shapes have a waistline not well defined, having the shoulder, bust and hips nearly the same. On what to wear: choosing to wear your outfits with double-padded, push up bra will help to accentuate your bust. Cropped, elastic waistlines or belted dresses and tops accentuate your waistline while A-line cuts and flare dresses help you to achieve a curvy figure. Strapless dresses will look good on you too. Layer up to create more volume if you have a slimmer rectangular shape. Kaftans also help you to achieve volume.

Whatever your shape, follow these tips and be amazed at the outcome.

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