Ever wondered why some little details on some clothing items are there? Wonder no more as we show you some of these features and their use(s).

Loop at the back of collar shirts: This is there to help you to easily hang the shirt on hooks to avoid wrinkling.

Loop at the back of sports shoes: This serves for easy wearing. Pull the loop as you wear the shoe.

Extra holes on sneakers: These holes are for when you need a tighter fit. Pass the shoe lace through the two opposite, additional holes to create a loop and tie.

Rivets on jeans: These tiny features are actually patented. They are the idea of Levi Strauss who owns the patent. They help to keep the jeans from ripping off.

Square patch with holes at the back of backpacks: As much as these look like they are there for aesthetic reasons, they are actually meant to be used to carry extra items like strings and cords by passing them through the holes.

Extra fabric that comes with your new clothing: No, it is not for patching the cloth for when it tears even though you can if you want. The extra fabric is for you to test if the fabric shrinks or looses colour when washed.

Front pockets on underpants: These are meant for carrying sanitary pads and other toiletries that may fit in.

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