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The big disparity between jobs available in the country and the Nigerian population coupled with the high rate of unemployment in the country has created the need for Nigerians especially the youths to equip themselves with skills in order to be self-employed. This has in turn birthed quite a number of training schools, institutes, and skill acquisition centers where entrepreneurs are trained and developed to be gainfully employed and take care of their future…but only a handful of them render these services free of charge.

The CRIMMD Free Skill Acquisition Center for Women, a subsidiary of the Center for Research, Information Management and Media Development (CRIMMD) founded by multiple-award-winning Author, Publisher, Tourist, and Historian, Dr Raphael James, is one of the very few free skill acquisition centers in Nigeria.

As part of our plan this year to feature one or two small/medium scale enterprises/brands that have distinguished themselves with their products and/or services or offer unique products/services that help and enrich fashion entrepreneurs and the industry at large, I decided to visit CRIMMD yesterday.

You might wonder why an Author, Publisher, Tourist, and Historian would be interested in running a free skill acquisition center. Dr Raphael James was inspired to set up CRIMMD Skill Acquisition Center by a rather unusual event – A widow walked into his office begging him to help her with some money to take care of her family/children but before he knew what was happening, she began to undress herself in front of him offering to give him sex in return. Read more

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