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The fashionosphere is filled with clothing of varying styles, patterns, shapes, sizes, and colours. Fashion has also been taken to a point that it might not have much to do with clothing in the near future as some people now go ‘naked’ in the name of fashion.
However, it should be noted that there are still rules, principles, and guidelines regarding what to wear, how to wear, where to wear, when to wear, and who is to wear. This is because different clothes are made to suit different persons, occasions, time periods, body shapes and sizes.

While some people possess style instincts, others do not, and this is the reason we have fashion consultants also known as image consultants, wardrobe consultants or style consultants.

These individuals are responsible for helping their clients (individuals and companies) make appropriate clothing decisions for different occasions and for their personal and professional/corporate image. They also offer related services such as closet organization, colour and style advice, shopping tips and services.

The expertise of fashion consultants is not restricted to clothing as they often help clients to choose flattering hair styles, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc. They may try to enhance a client’s self-esteem by helping him or her feel comfortable and confident in his or her clothing.

Image is a big business. Like the saying goes “You are addressed the way you dress.” You cannot dress like a classless person and expect to be taken seriously. The way you dress can ‘command’ respect for you. Have you ever been paid attention and given so much respect just because of what you wear?

I once walked into a big and popular advertising company and requested to see the CEO. I was ushered in to see him without prior appointment. It only took dressing well and looking/being confident to achieve that. What you wear also boosts your confidence.

There are elements of style everywhere and in everything – our homes, offices, businesses, clothing, etc. Style in fashion is important because it is that feature which projects and sets the wearer apart.

When you dress and put into consideration the style and your image, you are basically building your personal or corporate brand and dressing for success.

Contact Befenchy House of Style if you or your company requires style/image consulting services.

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