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Your best friend’s birthday is approaching and you’re wondering what to gift him/her. You have been friends for years and you are looking to get something special. Here is a list of simple but thoughtful birthday gifts you can give to your best friend.

1) A CAKE: Birthdays are incomplete without a cake. Getting your BFF a birthday cake will definitely put a smile on his/her face. Don’t worry too much about the number of cakes he/she might receive because a true friend will always remember what you have given to him/her.

2) A CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRT: Another great birthday gift is a customized T-shirt. Who wouldn’t want to own a T-shirt with his/her name, initial(s) or face on it. If you feel your BFF will get a lot of cakes on that day or isn’t a cake person, then you can gift him/her a customized T-shirt. He/she will definitely love it.

3)A PAIR OF WHITE SNEAKERS: White sneakers are trendy, classic, and go with almost everything. So, if you don’t like the idea of giving your friend a cake and you feel your friend has a lot of customized shirts, then you can gift him/her a pair of white sneakers.

4) NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION FOR A MONTH: Your best friend will be all smiles when he/she learns you’ve paid for his/her Netflix subcription for a month to watch his/her favourite movies. You can decide to watch the movies together.

5) 6 YARDS OF ANKARA: You may think this is ‘local’ but it’s actually one of the best. A good Ankara fabric can last for years. Whenever your BFF sees or puts on an outfit made with the material, he/she will definitely remember you especially if you two part ways later in the future or are living far away from each other.

6) BODY FRAGRANCE: Perfumes, deodorants or body sprays are great gifts to friends and loved ones. Everyone appreciates a nice, sweet-smelling body fragrance especially when it comes at no cost.

You can also plan a surprise birthday dinner or party, take your friend to the spa or even plan a weekend gateaway especially if he/she is a workaholic. Birthdays are special and your best friend deserves something special on that day.

What gifts have you been giving your bestie over the years and which of these do you plan on giving him/her next?

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