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Ladies! It is very important to keep your vagina healthy or you’ll have a lot of issues. Follow these tips to keep your private part smelling fresh and nice.

1) Do Not Douche!
Douching is when you flush or irrigate your vagina with water, vinegar, baking soda, etc. You may think this is a good idea but it’s not. Vaginas are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves up by balancing healthy bacteria and pH levels themselves. Douching takes away some healthy bacteria which upset the pH and make you prone to infections.
I know you want your vagina to smell good but trust me, douching is not the solution. Gently clean/wash your vagina when bathing but avoid douching (excessive washing) or using scented products on it.

2) Keep The Hairs.
Pubic hair protects your vagina from bacteria and prevents sweating. It’s okay to remove hairs along your swimming line. You can also trim your pubic hairs and not shave it all off.

3) Practise Safe Sex.
Use protection, get tested for STIs once in a while and avoid going from butt play to vagina play as this can increase your chances of having an infection.
You should also check the ingredients used to make any lubricant you plan on using. Avoid lubes with the following ingredients: (a) Glycerin (b) Petroleum (c) Parabens (d) Scents and flavours (e) Dyes and (f) Non-natural oils.

4) Pee After Sex.
This helps reduce your chances of having urinary tract infections.

5) Wear Breathable Undies.
This is very important. Also make sure you sleep without undies (unless you’re seeing your period). Your vagina needs fresh air too.

Do these and your vagina will be clean, protected, and smelling nice.

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