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Whenever you are leaving the house and need to go with your hand bag or purse, there are essential items you must carry along. As a gentleman or woman, the following items should accompany you when going out.

ID CARD: You never know what trouble you may encounter on the road, so it’s very necessary to have a means of identification with you at all times. It can be your Voter’s card, National ID card or your school ID card (if you are a student).

PHONE: Your phone should be with you at all times. Yes, at some point in our lives, we lived without it but hey, this is the 21st century and it has become a necessity.

ATM CARD: Imagine walking past a store and seeing that dress or shoe you’ve always wanted but you don’t have enough money on you? I know you’re probably thinking “I’ll just make transfer.” What if they don’t take transfers? Or “I will buy it some other time.” What if by the time you come back for it, it has already been bought by someone else. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. There are urgent situations where you require money. Your ATM card also helps you such situations.

A HANDKERCHIEF: This is another essential item that is often over-looked. No matter where you are going, you should always have a hanky with you. It can be used to clean your sweat when the weather is hot or clean a dusty surface so you don’t ruin your outfit. Imagine using your hands to wipe off your sweat or clean a dirty surface. Ewwwwwwww! Or dressing all cute and nice but looking sweaty. That’s ungentlemanly and unladylike.

SANITARY PAD: This is for ladies. Sometimes your period comes unexpectedly and having period stains in public can be really embarrassing. You will feel safer and confident if you know you have an extra sanitary pad tucked somewhere in your bag.

A PEN: Having a pen with you at all times is very important. You can’t be all dressed up, looking and smelling nice and be asking everyone for pen. It is also unsafe especially in this period of Covid-19.

What are the things you carry in your bag always? Tell me about it in the comment section.

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