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The year 2020 has been quite horrible for most people – from the Corona Virus pandemic that has rendered a lot of people jobless to the blasts in different parts of the country and the world at large. The movie industry has also been affected greatly this year but few good movies have been released and you should definitely check out these ones listed below in your free time.

1) Bad Boys For Life: This is an American action comedy film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. If you’ve seen Bad Boys II, you’ll agree with me that this is one movie you shouldn’t miss. It was first released on the 17th of January 2020 and tells the story of Mike (Will) and Marcus (Martin) who have been asked to join a newly formed team of the Miami police named AMMO. This team was created to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel, Armando Armas who wrecks vengeful havoc on the city. Want to know if they succeeded and how? Go see Bad Boys For Life.

2) Dolittle: This was also released on the 17th of January and stars your very own Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark) and Tom Holland (Spiderman). Do Little is the story of Dr. John Dolittle, a famous doctor and Veterinarian in England whose wife’s death forced him into isolation in the high walls of the Dolittle Manor with only his animals as companions and his journey to a mysterious island in search of a healing tree in order to save Queen Victoria. This journey helps him regain his wit and courage. You just have to see this movie.

3) Birds of Prey: Want to see Harley Quinn, The Huntress, Black Canary and Police Detective, Renee Montoya team up? Then you should see this movie. So, after the the battle with the Enchantress in Suicide Squad, Mr. J severed ties with Harley making her vulnerable and a target to all who hate her. She teams up with The Huntress, Black Canary and Renee to stop Gotham’s most nefarious villain, Roman Sionis and his right-hand man Zsasz from harming a young pickpocket Cassandra Cain. Ladies! You should see this movie with your girlfriends.

4) Gretel and Hansel: Everyone has read the story of Gretel and Hansel and how they were sent out by their evil step mother and landed in front of a house made of food. It’s been made into a movie and this exciting horror movie is quite different from what we read in the books. In the movie, the siblings set out in search of food and work as times had become hard. They made their way into the dark forest and stumbled upon a house with good-smelling food and then decided to stay for a while to take care of an old woman. Wanna know what happens next? Go see the movie!

5) To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You: Who else has missed the love story of Laura Jean and Peter. Bet you thought it was over. Well it’s not, the part 3 titled ‘P.S I Still Love You’ was released on the 12th of February. Peter and Laura Jean’s relationship is about to be tested when John, one of the guys Laura sent a letter to and Genevieve, Peter’s ex came back. Watch the movie to know if they resolved their issues.

6) Bloodshot: If you love Vin Diesel, then you should see Bloodshot. It’s the story of Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) who was murdered alongside his wife but brought back to life by a team of scientists. They turned him into a biotech killing machine. He trained with a couple of soldiers for a while but when he recovered his memories, he went after the man who killed his wife and learnt that not everything he has learnt can be trusted but can he even trust himself? Watch and find out.

7) Sonic The Hedgehog: If you’ve played or heard of Sonic Dash, then you will want to see this movie. It’s the story of the speediest hedgehog and his new best friend who teamed up to protect the planet from the evil Dr. Robotnik. It is a movie for general view. Your kids would love it.

8) The Invincible Man: This is another must watch movie that was released on the 25th of February. It is the story of a traumatized lady, Cecilia Kass who is able to escape from her abusive and controlling boyfriend but is still haunted even after receiving news of his suicide. Is she really being haunted or is it just her imagination? Will she be able to move on or will the invincible man be with her forever? You really need to see this movie.

9) Extraction: My friends kept talking about this movie so I watched it and was impressed. I know you will be too after watching it. Extraction is the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth aka Thor) who embarks on a deadly extraction mission to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime Lord. Trust me when I say you have to see this.

10) The Old Guard: This is the latest movie in town and it’s GOOD! It is the story of a group of immortal mercenaries who have protected the mortals for centuries but now their secret is out and it seems someone is hell bent on getting their powers by all means. How will they be able to protect themselves? See the movie to know.

These movies are available on Netflix, NetNaija and a lot of other movie sites. Go see them and let me know what you think.

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