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If you are looking to become a fashion entrepreneur or business owner, here is a list of fashion businesses you can venture into. It is important that you focus on one or two of them, have a good understanding of how to run them as well as be good and exceptional, as this will help you to become successful.

Design: You can choose to become a clothing and/or accessories designer.

Manufacturing/sewing: You can focus on running a production factory and helping designers to produce and sew their designs.

Specialized tailoring: As a designer, you can decide to focus on designing and manufacturing clothes for special events and purposes. E.g Wedding dresses, Costumes, Uniforms, etc.

Fashion illustration: If you are good in drawing, you might want to take up a business in fashion illustration where you sketch designs and sell to fashion houses or you help fashion houses to sketch their design ideas on paper.

Pattern designing: You can focus on designing patterns and selling them to fashion designers for use in decorating and embellishing their designs.

Beading: Fashion houses are always looking for individuals to embellish their outfits with beads and stones. If you have good beading skills, you might want to consider starting a business in this area.

Retail: You can become a fashion retailer by reselling fashion items to end users. You can retail new clothes, fairly-used clothes, or  materials/supplies used in designing and making clothes and fashion accessories.

Online store: You can venture into selling items online via social media platforms, blogs, and websites. 

Selling for other brands: Brands are always looking for ways to increase their sales. You can focus on this niche by providing sales support and marketing services to fashion houses.

Rental: You can decide to set up a rental business by procuring or designing/making items such as costumes, wedding dresses and outfits/accessories and leasing them to customers.

Repair and Alteration: You can decide to focus on helping people to repair or fix their torn clothes or make adjustments on them.

Social media marketing: You can offer social media marketing services by promoting the businesses of fashion entrepreneurs online and/or helping them to manage their social media accounts and advertisements.

Styling & Fashion consulting: You can become a stylist or image consultant and take the role of dressing individuals, celebrities, and politicians as well as offer style advisory service to them.

Modeling: If you got the look, why not become a model. You can also decide to run a modeling agency where your company scouts and manages models; You don’t need to have the look for this one.

Training: You can offer training in one or two areas of fashion and fashion business.

Blogging: You can own a blog and write about things that interest people fashion-wise and/or cover industry news and reports.

Fashion magazine: You can decide to own a fashion magazine (print and/or online). You can also focus on fashion catalogues (print/online) where you publish beautiful designs which can serve as inspirations for fashion designers.

Fashion events: You can become a fashion event organizer and organise expos, fashion shows and/or awards. You can also decide to become a fashion coordinator or show producer and work with organizers on their projects.

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