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Her name is Fathia Abdullahi and she is fashioning a way for us to care for our clothes the easy and stress-free way. Call it the future of garment care and you won’t be wrong.

The young programmer (aged 12) who started coding at the age of 11 said she designed the robot to fold T-shirts because “there are too much clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when we wash a lot.”

“I’d love to be a food scientist when I grow up. I’ll be able to use coding to build so many things that would help me”, Fathia says.

The robot is a prototype and she stated that she intends to develop it for sale to the local market.

We are sure you would love programmers like Fathia to develop more robots to ease more activities relating to taking care of our clothes…like ironing!

Watch the video via Reuters.

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