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It doesn’t come as a surprise to see certain people wear the same outfit repeatedly, yet look different and captivating on the different occasions.
The simple trick is accessorization. Accessorizing is a simple way of adding finishing touches to your outfits by incorporating pieces like jewelry, brooch, bags, shoes, e.t.c.
You don’t have to rush to the shopping mall at every given opportunity to buy new clothes, rather you should invest in essential and stylish accessories to complement the clothes in your wardrobe.

Accessories are very essential fashion statement. They breathe life into your outfits, complement your look, and make your wardrobe functional. You can look like a professional with a belt on your little black dress, and a party girl with a statement necklace on your little black dress.
Men also need accessories in order to look great at any time.

You need the following accessories to elevate your look.


With your hair packed as a bun or to the back depending on the style, make sure your hair is not covering your ears so that the earrings can be visible enough to give you a glamorous look.
It could be pearls, drop earrings or any statement earring of your choice. Be sure it’s classy and unique.

Statement earrings. Photo source: Stylecaster


Wearing a wristwatch is a way of saying I’m completely dressed. A classic watch in gold or silver tone is a glam factor.
For men, you can rock a sporty watch with your casual wear.

Stylish men’s watch. Photo source: Amazon
Stylish women’s watch. Photo source: Indiamart

Bags and Shoes

If there are two things you should splurge on, they are bags and shoes. If you want to know a stylish person, take a look at their bags or shoes. Good quality shoes and bags can give an outfit a unique twist.
Invest in high quality, structured bags. You don’t need twenty bags as a woman. Two quality and durable bags are enough.
As a man, buy a brown or black office bag that you can style with your ‘English’ and native wear.

A statement bag. Photo source: Rank and Style
Stylish sneakers. Photo source: On Shop Deals
Statement shoe. Photo source: Amazon


You can be versatile with scarves. You can tie them in a classic way around your neck (as neckerchiefs), wear them as headbands, hair ribbons, head ties, etc. Haven’t you noticed how air hostesses look very cute and stylish? The well-knotted silk scarves they wear around their necks make them stand out?
You can also tie a scarf on one of the hands of your bags. It gives your bag a different look.

A neckerchief. Photo credit: Ghetty Images


Invest in neutral-toned (e.g black, brown) belts especially, as they can be paired with any outfit.

Neutral-toned (silver) belt. Photo source: NY Mag
Stylish unisex belt. Photo source: Amazon


Whether it’s a long necklace with a bold pendant or any other statement piece, necklaces give your outfit a complete turnaround.

Statement necklace. Photo source: Flip Kart


Caps are useful especially when your hair is a mess. They also come handy on days you want to rock a sporty outfit.
As a lady or a guy, you need at least one in your wardrobe.

A baseball cap. Photo source: Golf Exclusive
A beanie. Photo source: Amazon


Aside being useful on sunny days, sunglasses helps you to achieve an edgy look.
Who doesn’t stop to give a gentleman or lady wearing beautiful eyewear a second look?

Aviator sunglasses. Photo source: The Home Depot
Stylish unisex sunglasses. Photo source: Fashion Nova


There are rings that are incredibly fashionable. Some come with your jewelry set. Instead of tossing them in a corner of your wardrobe, style your outfits with them and you’ll be glad you did.
There are also fashion rings for men depending on your style and taste.

Statement ring: Photo source: Etsy


When going for a hangout with friends or need to get some groceries or going for a formal event, and you want to go light; just some cash, your key and bank card, clutch, purse and wallet (for men) come handy.
They are small but can give you a classic and beautiful look.

Elie Saab clutch
Stylish women’s wallet. Photo source: AliExpress
Stylish men’s wallet. Photo source: Shopee

It’s time to go shopping guys! Remember to get the stylish ones.

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