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Hair related challenges are very rampant. These include hair loss and breakage, edge thinning, dead scalp cells, dandruff, discolouration, etc.

Everyone desires healthy-looking hair especially as they grow older. However, factors such as health, genetics, age and diet could affect this. While we do not have control over our age and genetic make up, we can control our diet.

Hair health and growth nutrients include Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Folate, Beta carotene, Protein, Spemidine, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, Omega 3- fatty acids. A deficiency in any of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss, breakage and thinning.

Here is a list of 10 foods that can promote hair growth and keep your hair in perfect health condition.

  1. Beans/Soy Beans: These great sources of plant protein, Iron, Zinc and Biotin essential for optimal hair health.
  2. Sweet potatoes: Sweet patatoes are very high in beta carotene which when converted to Vitamin A in the body helps speed up hair growth encouraging thicker and fuller hair.
  3. Spinach: This is packed with Folate, Iron and Vitamins which work together to promote optimal hair growth and keeps the scalp moisturised.
  4. Fatty Fish such as Salmon and mackerel are loaded with Omega-3-fatty acids which help increase hair density.
  5. Eggs: For optimal hair growth, include eggs in your meal plan because they are very good sources of protein and biotin which promote hair growth. They are also very essential for Keratin production.
  6. Avocados: Avacados are very delicious in nature are also great sources of healthy fats and Vit E which help fight off free radicals from skin and scalp. Damaged skin/scalp may result in poor hair quality and fewer hair follicles.
  7. Berries: They are loaded with hair promoting vitamins and compounds including Vitamin C which helps protect hair follicles from damages caused by free radicals, and collagen which helps prevent hair breakage.
  8. Sea Foods like Oyster and Shrimps contain high doses of Vit D3 which helps to promote hair growth and repair.
  9. Meat: Meats are great sources of hair health nutrients. Red meat in particular contains loads of Iron which is readily absorbed by the body and helps the red blood cells to deliver oxygen to all cells in the body including the hair follicles.
  10. Nuts are excellently packed with nutrients which not only improve hair health but also reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart diseases.

For healthy-looking hair and optimal hair growth, eat a balanced diet that contains the aforementioned foods.

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